The public health response to the coronavirus pandemic has led to the most severe economic downturn in at least 60 years. Rebuilding the economy will take an equally unprecedented effort.

The only proven way to prevent further economic collapse and actually speed up the recovery once the acute phase of this pandemic has subsided is for government to play an active role. 

On behalf of all 315,000 members working in every province and nearly every industry, Unifor is pleased to provide input into this round of 2021 pre-budget consultations and expand on the ideas presented in Unifor’s Road Map to A Fair, Inclusive and Resilient Economic Recovery.

Government must put together a stimulus package big enough and bold enough to speed economic recovery and overhaul the public programs that failed us when COVID-19 hit. The following pages highlight numerous important ideas to build back Canada’s economy better than we left it including further pandemic supports, improving income security, rebuilding industrial capacity, investing in Canada’s critical infrastructure and addressing Canada’s fiscal capacity to build for the future.

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